Welcome to the Timecapsule

The ISSMGE has initiated a project to create an entirely virtual Time Capsule that brings together and provides a common heritage to all geotechnical engineers. It may also facilitate answering questions such as;

  • What did geotechnical engineering achieve then and what social conditions prompted it?
  • What were the successful achievements of geotechnical engineering?
  • What were the mistakes, and what could not be achieved?
  • What would be the evaluation of the past and present by the future generations?

Academic education and research has also historically played and continues to play a hugely influential role in geotechnical engineering especially with the vast contributions by  stalwarts of Geotechnical Engineering such as Professor Jennings and Dr Brink.

This project is an opportunity to capture past, current and future issues and achievements in Geotechnical Engineering practice in South Africa and provide a database of information which can encourage and inspire students and individuals to join our Geotechnical Community.

In order to debate past, current and future issues facing Geotechnical Engineering in South Africa, SAICE Geotechnical Division welcome our members to use this Blog to assist us in the formulation of a history of achievements and potential future innovation of geotechnical practise in South African.

The Blog created is designed to stimulate discussions and recollection of historical events, current developments and anticipated future evolution of Geotechnical Engineering in South Africa.

We therefore encourage you to reflect on your practice of Geotechnical Engineering and think how you could contribute to this Time Capsule project by writing on any topic that will generate debate within the Geotechnical Engineering profession or provide information on events you believe have had a pertinent or significant impact on our profession as a whole. Click here to submit your article for consideration.

Contributions can include major developments, areas of contribution, outcomes and applications, key individuals involved, exemplar projects and new avenues to explore, that highlight the development of geotechnical engineering and history of the contributor.

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