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1970 Standard Bank Building Under Construction
With Johannesburg firmly establishing itself as the economic heartland of South Africa during the mid 20th century, Standard Bank decided to move its South African head office from Pretoria to Johannesburg in 1959.  The head office moved into the upper floors of the Johannesburg branch building, situated on the corner of Commissioner, Harrison and Fox… View Article
1967 4th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – Cape Town
Highlights (1960 – 1970)
1961 Jennings and Brink asked that you remember Moisture, Color, Consistency, Soil type, Structure and Origin 1961 First course in Soil Mechanics at University of the Witwatersrand. It was proposed that a short course in soil mechanics should be given in South Africa at the University of the Witwatersrand. The aim of the course was… View Article

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