The South African Geotechnical Medal was instituted by the Geotechnical Division in 1989 to honour members of SAICE who have made a significant contribution to geotechnical engineering in South Africa. 

Although the name of J E Jennings does not form part of the title of the medal, an inscription on the medal and specific mention in the citation of J E Jennings will honour his name and his contribution to South African geotechnical engineering.

The medal will be awarded to an individual who, in the unanimous opinion of the Division Committee, has made a significant contribution to furthering the art and science of geotechnical engineering in South Africa.

The frequency of the award of the medal will be at the discretion of the Divisional Committee and will not necessarily be limited to one or any award per year. Nominations will be called for once a year and will require full motivation. The medal(s) will be presented at the AGM of the Division or at another prestigious occasion as decided by the Division Committee.

Past recipients

  • 2021 Denis Kalumba
  • 2020 Kelvin Legge
  • 2019 Ron Tluczek
  • 2018 Gerhard Heyman
  • 2017 Izak Venter
  • 2016  P Paige – Green (Phil)
  • 2015  H Kirsten (Hendrik)
  • 2014  C Clayton (Chris)
  • 2013  J Lourens (Johan) and D Webb (Desmond)
  • 2012  G Wardle (Gavin)
  • 2011  E Rust (Eben)
  • 2010  A L Parrock (Alan)
  • 2009  M Jaros (Malcolm)
  • 2008  R J Scheurenberg (Ronnie)
  • 2007  B Krone (Bernie)
  • 2006  J A Wates (John)
  • 2005  P W Day (Peter)
  • 2004  F Netterberg (Frank)
  • 2004  A W Rohde (Archie)
  • 2003  G P Byrne (Gavin)
  • 2002  K Schwartz (Ken)
  • 2001  O K H Steffen (Oscar)
  • 2001  J H Strydom (Kallie)
  • 2000  S Melville (Sandy)
  • 1999  J P Everett (John)
  • 1998  G A Jones (Gary)
  • 1997  G E Blight (Geoff)